Contact Information

Please use the following personal contact information if you need to reach us. The website email is not regularly monitored.

Steve Bader - If you have questions regarding our Facebook pages, training, testing, B.A.R.C. program or are an active member with a question or concern.

phone: (513) 288-0107



To Be Announced - If you have questions regarding dues payments, making a donation, our insurance, vest orders, mentor scheduling.




John Connor - If you have questions about establishing visits to your facility, group or church or want to know more about the B.A.R.C. program.

phone: (513) 337-9724



Board Member:

Bill Fox - If you have questions regarding where we visit, training and testing, requesting a visit from CFC, or about other Canines For Christ groups in the nation.

phone: (513) 870-0037


Website Coordinator:

Diana Dawson - If you have questions about the website or items that we might include on the site (pictures, sites you visit, a story to share, etc.), please send it to Diana.


Members that would like to establish visits with a new facility, contact one of our chaplains, or that have additional questions can contact Steve, John or Bill for assistance.


Board Member:

Eric Miller- Point of contact for and representing Ascension & Holy Trinity Episcopal Church.