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Classes will begin again in Wyoming on April 10th. We have a number of restrictions due to COVID, and there are links for signing up to hold your spot. More details and the links can be found under the Events Schedule tab.

Pam Fox

Yesterday evening, March 11, we lost a beloved member of our Canines for Christ of Greater Cincinnati family. Pam passed away and Heaven gained a new angel. Pam was one of our founders and handled many behind the scenes jobs. She will be greatly missed by all of us. Please keep Bill in your prayers during this difficult time. If you would like to send him a card, his address is 9386 Colegate Way, West Chester, OH 45011.

Freddy's Story

Freddy and his owner Fern are visiting a resident at Carriage Court once a month. The resident has memory issues, so she coordinates their visits with the resident's daughter so that she can be there. Other residents and visitors are also encouraged to stop in and see Freddy, which brings many smiles to everyone. In addition, Freddy visits at Ronald McDonald House twice a month. While the kids come to love on the dogs, the parents seem to enjoy having someone to talk to. Fern advises that through the visits she has learned that Freddy wants an aquarium! Whenever they visit a room with an aquarium, Freddy stares and stares at the fish. Fern says that while she can't prove it, she thinks their visits have helped Freddy heal from some of the abuse and neglect he suffered, and if the people they visit get half as much out of the visits as as she does, then it is time well spent.

Thanks for sharing Fern! We certainly appreciate the visits you and Freddy are making, and we are sure those you visit do too!

If you have a story to share, please send it to We would love to be able to share with everyone.

July & August 2019

We had teams participating at a P&G event in July - many thanks to Lizbeth McCormick for handling all the arrangements for that one. Participants included Lydia & Blair, Nan Williams & Gus, Lydia Marshall & Coco, Peggy Schmidt & Fritzie, Debbie Ewan & Shelby, John Frey & Charlotte, Rich Gomez & Nico, Diane Beamer & Snickers, and Deb Schubert & Guinness. Thanks to everyone that was able to attend.

We also participated in an incoming freshman orientation at McNicholas High School on 8/15/19. Teams taking part included Nan Williams & Gus, Jennifer Mayhall & Luna, Eileen Jarrold & Prince, Mary LeRoy & Morty, Ruth Grant-Bailey & Roo, and Diana Dawson & Mozzie. Thanks to everyone for taking time to attend. It was very well received by the students.

April & May 2019

We participated in a number of events in April and May including the reading program at Springer School, visits to P&G, Turpin High School, McNicholas High School, Crossroads, Jewish & Mercy Anderson Hospitals, and many more. The following are a few of the photos we can share.

Vibrant Living Event at P&G...our thanks to Lizbeth McCormick & Blair, Rich Gomez & Nico, Tammy Eldridge & Jerry, Sharon Dunning, Jack Bernard & Gia, and Diana Dawson & Mozzie.

We also made visits to Turpin and McNicholas High Schools. Thanks to Dorothy Stadelmann & Tillie, Paula Kiel & Toby, Andy Burns & Sawyer, Allie Englehart & Knox, Jennifer Mayhall & Luna & Dobby, Allison Camp & Violet, Sue Polaski & Sophie, Eileen Jarrold & Prince, John Frey & Charlotte, Kristen Merritt & Riley, Ruth Bailey & Roo, and Diana Dawson & Mozzie.

On April 4, 2019 we were invited by Western Hills High School to participate in an therapy dog event. Many thanks to our volunteers: Valerie Smith & Heather, Teresa Magly & Peaches, Jennifer Otto & Rex, Allie Englehart & Knox, and Katrina Vatter & River.

March 2019

On March 16, 2019 we were invited by Turpin High School to participate in an therapy dog event that was held as a result of the loss of a student. We were able to get six teams to attend and provide those attending with some doggy love. The students and staff were glad to have us there. Thanks to all of our great teams for sharing a portion of their day to attend this event: Bridget Gruner and Scarlet, Sandy Trapp and Mac, Diana Dawson and Mozzie, Jennifer Mayhall and Dobby, Roger Spatz and Juneau, and Dorothy Stadelmann and Tillie. We appreciate your continued support!


On March 4th a group visited at McNicholas High School as the students for testing week. We had a great time with everyone and appreciate the invitation. Thanks to our teams: Jennifer Mayhall and Dobby, Paula Kiel and Toby, and Diana Dawson and Mozzie.


Prayer Team

Bill would like to determine interest in beginning a prayer chain within our group.  As a faith based ministry, Canines for Christ of Greater Cincinnati brings comfort, compassion and unconditional love to many through our beloved pets.

A prayer chain is an exciting ministry opportunity that doesn’t require any special talent or a lot of time. All that you need is a heart for the Lord and His people no matter their station in life. Everyone has needs whether it is health, financial or other life challenges that may seem insurmountable. Prayer can unlock many doors that may appear closed to us, but can be opened through the love of our mighty and faithful Lord. A prayer chain is a specific type of prayer ministry consisting of a group of people willing to pray when the chain is activated by one or more of its’ members.

The requirements for becoming an active participant in the prayer chain consists of compassion for people, expectation through the power of prayer, commitment to prayer and sacrifice through time when the prayer chain is activated for specific requests. To maintain continuity and effectiveness, a team leader will be appointed to coordinate the prayer chain team.

Should this ministry be of interest to you, please let us know by contacting Pam Fox at 513-870-0037 until a coordinator is appointed. We welcome your comments and any suggestions that you wish to share.  There is some additional information on the flyer provided in the files section at the very bottom of this page.

AKC Therapy Dog Organization

Canines for Christ of Greater Cincinnati is now listed on the American Kennel Club's website under Therapy Dog Organizations.  All dogs that pass the Canine Good Citizen test are eligible to receive the AKC Therapy Dog title.  You can find us listed on the AKC website by going to and searching under Therapy Dog Organizations.

Dues Payments

In order to reduce time spent bookkeeping by our volunteers, we are changing our dues structure so that payments will be due each February.  This applies to anyone that joined prior to June of 2017.  If you have questions you can contact Pam Fox for more details.  Annual membership dues are $50. This helps us to cover our insurance premiums and cost to attend events.  Your dues payment ensures that you are a member in good standing so that if you have a problem on a therapy visit you will be covered by our liability insurance.  Payments supporting our organization should be made to:

Canines for Christ of Greater Cincinnati
%Pam Fox
9386 Colgate Way
West Chester, OH  45011

Please note, you are welcome to support the national organization located in Florida, but those payments support their group only and do not cover you under our insurance policy.

CFC Rewards Program - "Cause for Paws"

Canines for Christ of Greater Cincinnati would like to introduce our new rewards program, “Cause for Paws."  This is an effort to reward volunteers who make things happen in our organization and at the same time encourage others to participate. 

So we would like to have “cause” to give “paws."  The paws will be the currency you can earn and redeem for merchandise or towards your annual dues (up to $25). The “Paws” will given in increments of $5, and will be good for 2 years after issue.  The rewards can only be given by a CFC board member.

You can earn "Paws" by:

Completing 6 months of visits (at least 2 per month)
Working a shift in a CFC event booth (at least 2 hours)
Referring someone to CFC
Setting up a new facility to visit by CFC members.
Being an approved mentor for new members
Assist in training class
Conduct a training class (10 paws for 8 week cycle)
Conduct or participate in CFC educational event.
Obtain AKC Evaluator status

This program will start on a trial basis for 1 year. So please take advantage of it.


Steve Bader

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