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Keep the Prayers Coming for Duke & Family - Update

Many of you have met Duke Connor at our classes over the years.  He was recently diagnosed with a fast moving form of cancer and we would like to ask you to pray for Duke and his family, John and Claudia.

Update from John on 10/19: Monday night, we had an appointment with the vet to have Duke put to sleep. That afternoon we took Duke to Sharon Woods for a last romp in the park that he likes so much. All of a sudden he started chewing on a stick so I offered him some of his Milk Bone's and he ate them...after no eating anything at all for three days. When we got to the vet, he seemed almost normal, so she suggested giving him fluids and see how he felt on Tuesday. As of Thursday night he is eating a bit and acting more like Duke. I took him to a dog park in Blue Ash on Wednesday and he had the best time playing with some of the other dogs. By the grace of God he is still with us. I would love to see a miracle, but at the same time I don't want to get my hopes up too high. So in the meantime, we will spend as much time with him as possible. He's my red-headed Angel and always will be. Pray for a miracle for Duke and peace for Claudia and I when the time comes to let him go. Thank you all for the outpouring of love and prayers during this difficult time in our lives. Sincerely, John, Claudia, and Duke

Chiffon Visits Ohio Living Mt. Pleasant

Chiffon's owner, Patti Allen, is the Director of Independent Living at Ohio Living Mt. Pleasant, and she loves visiting with the residents.  She is there frequently and is shown in this picture listening to one of the residents.  Thanks to Patti for providing the photo, and to the resident's family for giving permission to post it on the website.  It certainly shows the value therapy animals provide to everyone they visit.

Remote Trainers/Evaluators

We are rolling out a new program in an attempt to expand the areas we are able to reach with this ministry.  We will utilize trainers in the region and they will train teams to pass the AKC Canine Good Citizen test.  Once trained, teams will be referred to our group to see if they are interested in joining our organization.  The trainers will charge their normal fees for their class and we will charge our normal membership fee (currently $50 per year).   A therapy class will start in Anderson Twp. on November 5 at 2:00 pm at the Anderson Twp. Family Pet Center on Clough Pike.  Class fee is $150 for 8 weeks and participants are expected to attend all classes.  Please contact Allison Camp at for additional information.  Feel free to refer anyone you know to Allison if they have an interest in training for therapy work.

Training Classes

Classes continue for this session at Ascension & Holy Trinity Church in Wyoming.  Classes start at 9:00 am on Saturdays. Check the calendar in Events Schedule for more information on classes and upcoming events.  Don't forget, all members are welcome to attend if you would like a refresher or just some networking time. We'd love to see you!

P&G Events

We were invited to attend P&G's Take Your Child to Work days at the ITC and Mason locations.  Thanks so much to our members that organized these events for us - Lizbeth McCormick at ITC and Lydia Marshall at Mason.  And many thanks to the teams that attended to represent our organization. Volunteers at ITC were Lizbeth McCormick and Steve Molnar with Blair, Nan Williams and Gus, Diana Dawson and Mozzie.  Volunteers at Mason were Lydia Marshall and Binky, Lizbeth McCormick and Steve Molnar with Blair, Karina Flood and Murphy, Beth Deveny and Pillsbury, Julianne Rudisell and Kayden, and Diana Dawson and Mozzie.  A great time was had by all!


Thanks to Our Volunteers

In addition to the P&G events, we'd like to thank everyone that came out for our other July events - the Sharonville 4th of July parade, Wyoming Yappy Hour and Paws-A-Palooza.  We appreciate all of your support at the events we participate in throughout the year.  It's an important way to get the word out to others that are interested in therapy work.  Thanks again to all of our members!

Prayer Team

Bill would like to determine interest in beginning a prayer chain within our group.  As a faith based ministry, Canines for Christ of Greater Cincinnati brings comfort, compassion and unconditional love to many through our beloved pets.

A prayer chain is an exciting ministry opportunity that doesn’t require any special talent or a lot of time. All that you need is a heart for the Lord and His people no matter their station in life. Everyone has needs whether it is health, financial or other life challenges that may seem insurmountable. Prayer can unlock many doors that may appear closed to us, but can be opened through the love of our mighty and faithful Lord. A prayer chain is a specific type of prayer ministry consisting of a group of people willing to pray when the chain is activated by one or more of its’ members.

The requirements for becoming an active participant in the prayer chain consists of compassion for people, expectation through the power of prayer, commitment to prayer and sacrifice through time when the prayer chain is activated for specific requests. To maintain continuity and effectiveness, a team leader will be appointed to coordinate the prayer chain team.

Should this ministry be of interest to you, please let us know by contacting Pam Fox at 513-870-0037 until a coordinator is appointed. We welcome your comments and any suggestions that you wish to share.  There is some additional information on the flyer provided in the files section at the very bottom of this page.

AKC Therapy Dog Organization

Canines for Christ of Greater Cincinnati is now listed on the American Kennel Club's website under Therapy Dog Organizations.  All dogs that pass the Canine Good Citizen test are eligible to receive the AKC Therapy Dog title.  You can find us listed on the AKC website by going to and searching under Therapy Dog Organizations.

Dues Payments

In order to reduce time spent bookkeeping by our volunteers, we are changing our dues structure so that payments will be due each February.  This applies to anyone that joined prior to June of 2016.  If you have questions you can contact Pam Fox for more details.  Annual membership dues are $50. This helps us to cover our insurance premiums and cost to attend events.  Your dues payment ensures that you are a member in good standing so that if you have a problem on a therapy visit you will be covered by our liability insurance.  Payments supporting our organization should be made to:

Canines for Christ of Greater Cincinnati
%Pam Fox
9386 Colgate Way
West Chester, OH  45011

Please note, you are welcome to support the national organization located in Florida, but those payments support their group only and do not cover you under our insurance policy.

Therapy Teams and Mentors Needed!!

We are still in need of mentors and volunteers for several facilities that have requested visits. Please contact Steve at if you can help.

Therapy teams needed for the following locations:
Blueridge Vista, 5500 Verulam Ave., Cincinnati, OH
Birchwood, Hamilton Mason Road in Fairfield Twp.
Queen City Hospice (has contacted us several times for therapy teams)
Hospice of Southwest Ohio (various locations)

Both of the hospice groups have needs throughout the area.

If you have an interest in any of these locations, please contact Steve at the email noted above. 

Thank you so much for your support and service!

CFC Rewards Program - "Cause for Paws"

Canines for Christ of Greater Cincinnati would like to introduce our new rewards program, “Cause for Paws."  This is an effort to reward volunteers who make things happen in our organization and at the same time encourage others to participate. 

So we would like to have “cause” to give “paws."  The paws will be the currency you can earn and redeem for merchandise or towards your annual dues (up to $25). The “Paws” will given in increments of $5, and will be good.for 2 years after issue.  The rewards can only be given by a CFC board member.

You can earn "Paws" by:

Completing 6 months of visits (at least 2 per month)
Working a shift in a CFC event booth (at least 2 hours)
Referring someone to CFC
Setting up a new facility to visit by CFC members.
Being an approved mentor for new members
Assist in training class
Conduct a training class (10 paws for 8 week cycle)
Conduct or participate in CFC educational event.
Obtain AKC Evaluator status

This program will start on a trial basis for 1 year. So please take advantage of it.


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