Volunteer Information

If you have prior training, simply contact Canines For Christ to schedule a testing at one of our locations.

Once you have passed the required tests and paid our annual membership fee of $50, you will need to do a few visits with one of our mentor teams. This is so that we can see how you work as a team with your dog, and maybe get some good pointers on giving people the best visit possible. Then you are ready to begin making visits on your own. You can determine where you would like to go, or we would be happy to assist you.

If you and your dog have had no previous training, that is not a problem. We have ongoing classes in several locations. Our fee for classes is $75 which covers training and the first year of membership. You can attend as many classes as you need during this period. Once you have passed, you are always welcome to attend a class if you want a refresher, or just a chance for your dog to socialize.

We also attend various events throughout the year and are always looking for volunteers to help us staff our booth. Members that have passed the tests, and those that are still in training are all welcome at any of these events.

Please click on the Events Schedule section to view our calendar of events and volunteer opportunities.

Website for Branded Merchandise

Thanks to Dorothy Stadelmann for setting us up with a company and website that allows our members to order merchandise for direct shipment to their home. There are short sleeve shirts in unisex and ladies sizes, unisex long sleeve tees and sweatshirts, baseball caps and knit hats. All of the shirts come in forest green or royal blue and feature our organization's name and logo on the front.

We do not require members to wear the shirts, but if you are interested please use the following link to check out the merchandise and to place orders: