Training Tips

Start Position: Your dog sitting on whatever side you walk them on. The seam of your pants should be in line with your dog’s shoulder. 

Release word: This word tells your dog when her job is done. OK, Release, Free, Done, Pizza. 

Markers: You have a very limited amount of time to mark a good behavior 3-5 seconds. If you don’t have a treat on you or ready, praise their work very well. 

Corrections: Unfortunately this is not a perfect world even working in positive methods there will be times we need to correct our dogs. The best way to do this is use the techniques another dog would use, tone of voice (growl), posture, and/or physical contact (poke or pinch) In a pack, there is an alpha that will correct the other dogs, usually by giving a nip. Also, we must match the energy level of your dog to give an effective correction. Do Not give a correction when mad or frustrated! 

Success: Always work for success, your dog may work really well one day and not the next. This is normal, especially early in training. Your dog can have an ‘off’ day just like we do. On these not so good days you should work at whatever level you can be successful, instead of pushing to do something you may have previously achieved. Doing this helps to keep you from getting frustrated and the dog from getting confused. 

Distractions: Training with distractions is very important. However we must remember anytime we add distractions we should back up our training. 

Ready Command: This tells your dog an exercise is going to start. 

Attach an Item to Training: Use a bandana or a different collar for training. After a while your dog will learn that when wearing this item he/she is working!