Rainbow Bridge

We would like to help your healing process by providing a place for you to post a memorial for your pet. After a companion has passed away, a memorial can be a beautiful way to honor their memory. Expressing your feelings and thoughts may help you feel better during the grieving process. It also allows a way to communicate with others who are sharing the same experience. In this service we hope that you find comfort in creating a loving memory of your pet. 

Create a memorial in just a few minutes.

Celebrate the life of a beloved person or pet with a memorial gift to the Canines For Christ.

Our services are managed via volunteer members. Your donations (suggested $5) made in remembrance honor your loved one's memory allows us to continue and maintain this service.  

Links for Support on Coping with Pet Loss 

We are not sponsored or affiliated with any of these organizations. These are intended for personal use and resource aids.