Contact Us



Steve Bader - If you have questions regarding our Facebook pages, training, testing, B.A.R.C. program or are an active member with a question or concern.

phone: (513) 288-0107



Anita Burtosky- If you have questions regarding dues payments, making a donation or our insurance please contact Anita Burtosky at the email listed below

Your annual dues payment can be made by check, made payable to Canines for Christ, and mailed to Anita Burtosky, 7415 Vinnedge Road; Hamilton, OH 45011

phone: (513) 607-9513



Diana Dawson - If you have questions about establishing visits to your facility, group or church.


Website Coordinator:

Nicole Prum - If you have questions about the website or items that we might include on the site (pictures, sites you visit, a story to share, etc.), please email us. 


Site Coordinator:

Julie Strasser - Our site coordinator will be helping to set up visits to new facilities that have requested teams from our organization, and will be helping us maintain a list of facilities that are currently being visited on behalf of our organization.


Board Member:

John Connor 

phone: (513) 337-9724


Board Member Emeritus:

Bill Fox - Is the founding member of our organization and has recently retired from most of his duties.

Members that would like to establish visits with a new facility, contact one of our chaplains, or that have additional questions can contact Steve, John or Diana for assistance.