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Steve Bader - If you have questions regarding our Facebook pages, training, testing, B.A.R.C. program or are an active member with a question or concern.

phone: (513) 288-0107



Anita Burtosky-Mays - If you have inquiries about dues payments, donations, or our insurance, please reach out to Anita using the email provided below 

Your annual dues payment can be made by check, made payable to Canines for Christ, and mailed to 

Checks made payable to: Canines for Christ

Anita Burtosky- Mays 

7415 Vinnedge Road

Hamilton, OH 45011

phone: (513) 607-9513



Nicole Taylor - If you have inquiries regarding the website or suggestions for its content (such as images, visited sites, or stories to share), please reach out to us via email. For inquiries concerning arranging visits to your facility, group, or church, please also feel free to email us. 

phone: (513) 596-7197


Mentors/ Site Coordinator:

Julie Strasser - Our site coordinator will assist in arranging visits to newly requested facilities by Canines for Christ and will aid in maintaining a roster of facilities currently being visited on our behalf. 


Mentors/ Site Coordinator:

Mary Louit - Creates a supportive environment that facilitates meaningful connections between new graduates and current members, ultimately helping the graduates meet their mentorship goals. 

phone: 513-335-1233  


Mentors/ Site Coordinator

Beka Schaub - Supporting and assisting with coordinating visits with new Canines for Christ members.



Therapy Dog Instructor/ Mentor:

Melissa Clark - Teaches level 1 and level 2 classes for dogs and handlers alongside Steve, while also providing mentorship to new graduates." 

phone: (513) 519-2283


Hillsboro Site Coordinator:

Jan Marti- Facilitates canines good citizens testing and therapy team evaluations in Hillsboro. Therapy dog training classes are available on a need basis.

Board Member:

John Connor 

phone: (513) 337-9724


Board Member Emeritus:

Bill Fox - Is the founding member of our organization and has recently retired from most of his duties.

Members that would like to establish visits with a new facility, contact one of our chaplains, or that have additional questions can contact Steve, Julie, or Nicole for assistance.