Where We Visit

Additional Volunteering Opportunities

We visit a number of locations in the Southwest Ohio & Northern Kentucky areas. These are different facilities that have a variety of scheduling types. If you are looking for a little more flexibility in scheduling, you can peruse this list for more options. Once you have completed your two visits with a mentor, we can help you get started! Some facilities have orientation requirements and additional information needed about you and your therapy dog. We are happy to get you connected. If you have not made a visit yet and need a mentor, please e-mail us and we will also help you with the mentorship process. Please contact us at infocontact@caninesforchrist.org with any additional questions. 

We are working hard to keep all of our facilities and visitation sites information up to date for our members. We have a constant revolving door of facility and volunteer coordinators changing. If you have direct contact information with any facilities, we would greatly appreciate it if you shared this with us. Please e-mail us at infocontact@caninesforchrist.org any information we can use to keep this information up to date. 

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